The DG Murray Trust is an independent, South African grant-making foundation committed to developing the potential of people in South Africa.
  • DGMT Focus Areas
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Education to read and write
  • Connection to Opportunity
  • Leadership for a winning nation
  • Inclusion of those most left out
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DGMT NGO Commons
DGMT Community of Partners Hands-on Learning Briefs
DGMT Growing Confidence - A monitoring and Evaluation Resource
Activate! Leadership for Public Innovation
Career Planet - Welcome to a World of Opportunities
Nal'ibali - A national reading-for-enjoyment initiative
Ilifa Labantwana
Take a look

Take a look at our new web-resource: The DGMT NGO Commons.  It is a sector resource where we bring together – into one central place – existing resources to guide civil society organisations through important processes of establishing legal and operating structures and systems.  We hope you find useful!

We have just published the 10th issue of our Hands-on Learning publication.  It features eight articles covering issues such as leadership development in South Africa, developing the early thinking skills of preschool children,  helping township tradesmen connect to business opportunities, giving second chances to learners that did not do well in their matric exams, evaluating a technology-driven reading for pleasure programme etc. Read them all here.

There is new evidence of the positive effects of cognitive stimulation and nutrition interventions for under-2s – Read more here.

Cape Town EMBRACE has the potential to change the life outcomes of countless of children in Cape Town. Have a look at what Cape Town Embrace is trying to achieve here.

Cape Town Embrace

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